Trees are Kings?

Trees are Kings?

September 19, 2018

Following a conversation with Rico Cortess and Dr. Dinah Dye on Rico's WIT Cast PodCast Click Here 

We kept the conversation going. Understanding the information helps us to see a different conversation happening 3000 years ago

Take a listen and thanks for joining us

No Israel, No Temple, No Prophets?

No Israel, No Temple, No Prophets?

September 11, 2018

Dr. Dinah Dye and I discuss Rosh Hashanah (The picture is of my celebration with my fellowship @ El Shaddai Ministries)

We also talked about 'Why No Prophets of Israel during the last 2000 years'

*This broadcast has a few extra edits due to my mixer board not working and a few reception issues

Foundations In Torah

Jeff S Morton

We Are Back! (Re-edited)

We Are Back! (Re-edited)

September 3, 2018

Hello, Jeff here:

I re-edited our broadcast from 09-02-2018 because we had some distortion and lost Dinah's signal. Nevertheless, we talked about bringing the show back after a hiatus since April, 2018

We also talk about why we need to vote and why the entire bible is political. We talked about the ten episodes that Dr. Dinah Dye just recorded with about parables.

We appreciate you kind words and continued support (I have received many)

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