IT Takes One Person, YOU!

March 31, 2019

From Dr. Dinah Dye

"ON FIRE Prayer update: We now have 110 prayer teams in 36 states and 6 countries. Still looking for teams to form in VT, WV, HI, MT, SD, RI, NH, NE, IL, CT, ME, IA, NJ, MA. Would you considering contacting those you know in those states to start a prayer team. (This will be my last call). A big thank you to all who have joined in. Your country thanks you.

Now the heavy lifting begins. Nothing of value, for the cause of the Kingdom and for the cause of Freedom, will be done without prayer. Trench warfare requires it. This is for the long haul. Our fight is to the finish until our Messiah rules and reigns over the whole earth. We will never give up! That is our battle cry."

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